Month ago we received very interesting and unusual order. Client wanted us to create him a company. He had a business idea but didn’t know how to sell that, so he asked us to help him.

Client was selling ventilation devices and accessories, installation of ventilation at customer’s place and doing maintenance from time to time.

After investigating the area we started with corporate identity sketches and tried to tie them up with a future name.

First Stage

1. Two different color combinations for various company departments. Main problem was that EV associates with Eesti Vabariik (Republic of Estonia). This sketch was denied.

2. O2 tells people about fresh air, but it was too obvious and client denied this sketch.

3. Client liked it, but asked to changed EV to something else. Gradient from dark blue to light blue symbolizes cleansing of air.

4. This is not just a random 3d-symbol. If you look from the left, you see white V character on blue background. If you look from the right, you see blue W character. So it is a combination of VW – VentaWorks. Client liked it as well. One request was to change Venta to Venti, as second tells more about Ventilation. And to change font a bit. He didn’t like the idea of square font.

Second Stage

1. EV was changed to VE. Gradient from purple to light blue symbolizes the process of air cleansing.

2. VentaWorks was changed to VentiWorks as client’s request.

3. Another example of VE was made from previous EV. To add more sense to VE – Works has been changed to Verks. Client liked this version, but was afraid that it more suites IT area of business.

Stage Three

VentiWorks was chosen as a corporate identity and we started creating business documentation layout. First of all, logotype was elaborated with different color versions, so client can use it on surfaces of different color.

Business documentation layout was made considering all client’s requests.