Hello my dear friends,

on this weekend Landegra Design had a chance to participate in “I Love П” exhibition opening ceremony with Artemy Lebedev as a special guest.

Two years ago Art Lebedev Studio designed a logotype for Perm – huge industrial city in Russia. It was the first time the city in Russia actually got a logotype designed. Moreover, this logotype has been developed into a new standard for visual communication of Perm being a symbol of cultural ambitions. After it had been finally released, designers from all over the world were invited to take part in competition by creating various artworks divided into five categories:

  • product design
  • urban environment
  • interior design
  • visual communication
  • city brands

270 best works were chosen and presented under one name: “I Love П” (П stands for Пермь – name of the city Perm in Russian).

Artemy Lebedev (designer of Perm logotype, owner and art director of Art Lebedev Studio) was invited to the opening ceremony as a special guest. During several minutes chat we discussed visual changes in Tallinn (last time Artemy visited Tallinn 10 years ago), Tallinn’s logotype and Artemy even signed me his book “Mandership” I had bought several years ago.

On the picture below we are discussing logotype of Tallinn (Sorry, Artemy that your eyes are half-closed, but I had no other picture)