Recently we had a business weekend in Helsinki, visiting Bookies seminar about independent publishing (there will be a separate post about this), having business meetings and a lot of good time.
Helsinki is a very nice city with a lot of fabulous architecture, beautiful streets and very warm people. I wish we could stay a bit longer, but we only had two days. So, the program was pretty tight and we got back to Tallinn tired, but happy.

If someone doesn’t know, Helsinki is a World Design Capital for the year 2012 and it is totally worth this title. Finnish design is fantastic. It is clean, it is clever and it totally fits gorgeous facades of Classicism period.

Just look, how many amazing details are stored on a one small photo-shot. Even the eyes of Wall-e are seen on a post on the left.


Isn’t it gorgeous? I bet it is! Just look at the variety of details, every small element is a separate piece of art.


Maybe it’s because of the colors, maybe because of the texture or even ornaments, but it feels like a screenshot from a 300 movie


Some people say, that Helsinki is a pretty regular city with nothing interesting inside. How can you not love these buildings? Every small stone is filled with love. It’s gorgeous!


I think they are totally wrong. Just look at these bricks. Look at those labels.


An old market hall.


Pretty regular nordic waterscape on our way home.